Audi RS Night 2019



3D Animation
Content Production


Designers: Bartosz Wójcicki, Alek Panfilov, Radosław Deruba, Jakub Cwajda,
Agency: Zero,2, ONLIGHT
Tech Support: TSE

About the project

the most important Audi evening that year. Our task was to present the uniqueness of RS models in a fresh way and take the viewer deeper into the world of Audi racing world.

A presentation of models from the Audi Sport family, the adrenaline-powered RS models, the charismatic S models and the extraordinary history that led to their creation. Thanks to the energizing multimedia, breathtaking projections and visual effects, guests had a unique opportunity to feel the sports spirit of Audi in the most spectacular way.
The leitmotif of the entire event was time which depending on the situation accelerated, slowed down or stood still. All the elements of the show were synchronized and enhanced the main theme.
Pushka Studio was invited by Onlight working for Agency Zero,2.



Live performance



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